How many Pokémon can you transfer at once to Pokémon Home from Pokémon Go?

Can you send over a lot of Pokémon at once?

Image via Niantic

Being able to transfer Pokémon from Pokémon Home to Pokémon Go, and vice versa, allows trainers to take their favorite Pokémon on a variety of adventures. You won’t bring over all of your Pokémon from Home to Pokémon Go, and the same goes for transferring Pokémon from Go to Home. You have to adhere to the Pokémon Home Transporter energy limits, the device that you use to transfer them. When you have full energy, though, and you want to send as transfer as many Pokémon as you can, how many can you send?

It varies on the type of Pokémon you’re sending over. The amount of energy you use on a Pokémon depends on their CP level, if they’re shiny, fully evolved, and if it’s a legendary or mythical Pokémon. We have a breakdown of those energy costs, which you should keep in mind. All trainers have 10,000 energy when its full, and you receive 60 energy per hour.

Sure, you can catch seven Lugia when it’s available as a raid Pokémon and then transfer it over to Pokémon Home, but you can’t send all seven at once. There will be limited based on the energy levels it costs. You probably have to send one at a time over, and it’ll take a long time for the Pokéhom Home Transporter to recharge.

The recharge rate of the Pokémon Home Transporter takes quite a bit of time. You gain energy as time goes by, so the item to fully recharge varies on how much energy you use. It could likely take a full week, especially if you use nearly all of it at once. So, your more legendary and rare Pokémon likely only consist of one transfer, while your more common and easily obtainable Pokémon can likely go over to Home much more easily.

Plan out how many Pokémon you want to transfer to Home, and think about their rarity. A shiny version of a Pokémon will cost more than the normal version. Also, any Pokémon you transfer over from Pokémon Home to Pokémon Go will not leave Go following the transfer. It will remain on the mobile game until you choose to send it over to Professor Willow.