How much does it cost to buy every Destiny 2 Expansion? Answered

Can you put a price on saving humanity?

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As Bungie has recently announced an abrupt end to the sunsetting of Destiny 2’s released DLCs, there has thus been a renewed interest in picking up past expansions. ‘Sunsetting’ occurred when Bungie decided the game was becoming too large, and removed paid DLCs from the game after it believed them to be irrelevant.

This was, as one could imagine, an unpopular decision amongst the fans. Now, however, Destiny 2 has five massive expansions for sale, and the content is presumably safe, leaving the question of how much one should expect to pay for every expansion in a singular fell swoop.

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The price of every Destiny 2 Expansion

If players are interested in only the expansions offered by Destiny 2, it’s going to cost $165, not including taxes nor any promotional offers. This includes five separate expansions:

  • Forsaken
  • Shadowkeep
  • Beyond Light
  • The Witch Queen
  • Lightfall

If you want to include the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack, which isn’t a true expansion but does hold dungeon content, you should add an additional $25. Like anything worth deducing, however, the fine print is where the actual matter lies.

Destiny 2 Seasonal content pricing

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Destiny 2 offers more content, beyond their expansions. Seasons, lasting on average four months, also need to be purchased. This could be purchased with the expansion, however: The Witch Queen, costing $50 on release, had a purchase option to pay $100 for all three seasons of content along with the expansion, including an accouterment of items and cosmetics.

The Lightfall expansion currently offers the same deal, for the expansion and annual pass, for $100. This also comes with weaponry that can be used prior to the release of the upcoming Destiny 2 expansion, and all seasons for 2023. Individually, seasons cost $10 via in-game purchases, which are conducted using silver, an in-game premium currency.

Destiny 2 accompanying package pricing

Finally, Destiny 2 offers side packages. These packs typically include a few themed items, and some silver currency (for use in purchasing seasons or cosmetics). These are not necessary purchases, and typically can accompany a season launch. Players receive enough currency to purchase the season in-game, along with a few various pieces such as emotes. These packages tend to run $15 per pack, and are typically never discounted.

If this all seems like a lot of money to get your space-murder groove, it should be noted that Destiny 2 goes on sale often. Watch pricing during large events, such as Gamescom, and big sale times near Christmas and summer — you can often grab every DLC that has already been released for less than $60.