How old is Childe in Genshin Impact? Childe age, explained

How old is the youngest Harbinger?

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Genshin Impact has a ton of cool characters for players to pull and summon, with a variety of different designs. One of the most popular characters in the game is Childe, who acts as an anti-hero that gets in the way of the player but possesses a morally grey streak. He’s a character who loves to fight, wanting nothing more than to get stronger.

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Frankly speaking, the age of characters in Genshin Impact is a contentious topic, with characters like Xiao and Albedo having unclear ages. Therefore, you might be wondering what the age of Childe in Genshin Impact is, as he has a more adult body compared to the rest of the Genshin Impact roster.

Childe in Genshin Impact age speculation

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Childe, whose official name is Tartaglia, is No. 11 of The Harbingers and lives for the excitement that comes with a fight. This aggressive personality streak carried on from his childhood after he fell into The Abyss and met and trained with an unseen character named Skirk. After this fated meeting, Childe’s personality saw a dramatic shift. Characters in the game don’t always have set ages, and Childe’s age is never explicitly stated. We can make a reasonable guess at his age, however.

According to Childe’s Character Story 2, Childe became a warrior at the age of 14. At that young age, he was said to be a “skilled slaughtered with mastery of many forms of martial arts.” He fled his home at this age, meeting a swordswoman after numerous trials and tribulations. We also know that he became a Harbinger at the young age of 18.

As a result, we can reasonably guess that Childe is over 18 years old. His appearance suggests he is at least a young adult, so we can reasonably assume he is around 20 or 21 years old. Perhaps one day, HoYoverse will officially confirm his age. For now, however, this is the best estimate we can make.