How Old Is Scaramouche From Genshin Impact? (Everything We Know)

Scaramouche is a prominent character in Genshin Impact, but as a demigod-level entity, how old is he really?

Scaramouche in Genshin Impact with a hat

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Scaramouche, also known as the Wanderer or the Baladeer, depending on when you meet him in Genshini Impact, has a relatively well-understood bio. We know where, how, and when Scaramouche was born, along with what happened after, and how his story eventually ends.

The characters we’ve met in Genshin Impact fall into two main categories: those we know well and those we know next to nothing about. Scaramouche has a long detailed history, but piecing together exactly how old Scaramouche is can be a little tricky.

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Scaramouche’s Age in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Scaramouche
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Discovering how old Scaramouche is in Genshin Impact relies on our understanding of the Raiden Shogun’s history. First and foremost, we know that prior to the destruction of the city of Khaenri’ah, the Shogun was actually two gods: Makoto and Ei. Makoto was the face of the Shogunate, with Ei acting in her shadow. Scaramouche did not exist for the thousands of years before Khaenri’ah was razed by the gods.

Genshin Impact Makoto's Death
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Following the city’s downfall, Ei took the mantle of Shogun onto herself and sought after Eternity, or a way to put the country of Inazuma into a neverending stasis. To help accomplish that end, she decided she needed to make a puppet using her power to facilitate the process. The puppet that would become Scaramouche was the first test of the concept. Though gifted a consciousness and sentience, he was nonetheless cast aside. In his place, Ei created a near-perfect puppet copy of herself, the Raiden Shogun, then descended into the Plane of Euthymia, her consciousness, and let the Shogun deal with the world of Inazuma.

Genshin Impact Scaramouche Created By the Shogun
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In other words, Scaramouche cannot be older than 500 years of age. However, his exact age is hard to pin down. We know from the dialog between Ei and Yae Miko following the boss fight in Euthymia that it has been at least “a few centuries” since the god Ei left the physical world. We also know that Ei expended a lot of time and resources on her puppet project, so if we assume she didn’t immediately start on it, there were probably a few decades following Mokoto’s death and Scaramouche’s creation.

To put it plainly, then, Scaramouche was “born” between 400-450 years before the start of our adventures in Genshin Impact. Or that would be the case, but Scaramouche, as we know him is a corrupted version of the puppet. In his history, as learned during a cutscene near the end of the Sumeru questline, Scaramouche didn’t have a name when created, and he would take the nom de guerre sometime after being betrayed three times.

  1. First, by his mother Ei, though she did not mean it as a betrayal.
  2. Second, by someone he considered family, one Niwa Hisahide, though this betrayal was an elaborate plot by the Fatui to mold Scaramouche into what he would one day become.
  3. Third, by a young boy stricken with illness who promised to be with him forever, only to succumb to his sickness and die, thereby breaking his promise.

Centuries would pass, and the puppet would meet the Fatui leader Pierro who convinced him to join the Fatui as a Harbinger. The puppet was subjected to extreme experimentation that unlocked hidden powers, but powers he knew he could use to exact vengeance on the world of humans that he believed had so wronged him.

So how old is Scaramouche? As the owner of the name, probably about 100 years or so. The puppet he started out as is at least 400 years old, or even as much as 450. It’s hard to say, and the only person who really knows the exact timing is Ei herself.