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All Traveler elements in Genshin Impact, ranked from worst to best

Which element should you choose for your team.

The Traveler in Genshin Impact is the starter character that every player receives. This character has the unique ability to shift between different elements found in the game, like Anemo, Geo, and Electro. This means the Traveler actually has multiple unique and playable kits, each with their own niches and strengths. However, as a free character, the Traveler is generally seen as weaker than most of his 5-star counterparts.

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If you plan on raising the Traveler, know that some elements are better than others while others serve different purposes and niches. Follow this guide for a ranking of Anemo talents and find out which of Traveler’s elements are the best.

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All Traveler elements in Genshin Impact

Geo Traveler

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The Geo Traveler is the second form you can unlock for the character, and is representative of the Liyue region. The Geo Traveler can deal some high damage with his Geo structures and Elemental Burst, but while he can output some high damage, the Geo element is generally considered to be one of the weaker ones in the game. Additionally, the Geo Traveler does not provide much utility for other characters, as Crystallize is a weaker reaction.

The Geo Traveler still has a niche with Geo teams, however. Characters like Noelle and Arataki Itto can make use of his Geo structures, especially as his Elemental Burst provides a meaty 10% Crit Rate buff which helps your team deal more damage. As a sub-DPS character, the Geo Traveler is a suitable pairing with characters like Zhongli, Arataki Itto, Noelle, and Gorou.

Anemo Traveler

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The Anemo Traveler is the default form for the character and the element that you start out with. As the Mondstadt representative, Anemo Traveler wields a decent amount of crowd-control and damage as a support unit. Anemo characters can also use the Viridescent Venerer artifact set to reduce enemy resistance to other elements.

As a result, the Anemo Traveler can be slotted as a replacement in many popular and meta teams, such as a Tartaglia, Xiangling, Bennett comp. One issue is there are plenty of better alternatives that free-to-play players shouldn’t have issues getting, such as Sucrose, making the Anemo Traveler a less attractive option when you have stronger alternatives. However, this character can pull through in a pinch.

Electro Traveler

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The Electro Traveler is a decent support unit and can be an attractive addition to Dendro teams. While the Dendro MC is better, as more Dendro characters are introduced to the game, the Electro Traveler can be used as a battery for Electro characters like Keqing instead of their standard gameplay.

The Electro Traveler has generally low damage, however, but can be a good option to pair with other meta Electro characters such as Raiden Shogun. Electro is a stronger element due to the introduction of Dendro, so the Electro Traveler has gained some more power.

Dendro Traveler

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The Dendro Traveler is easily the strongest form of the main character, due in part to his high damage and ability to synergize with strong Dendro characters such as Nahida or Alhaitham. The Dendro Traveler is genuinely a strong character, especially as Dendro reactions are some of the strongest in the game.

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Use the Dendro Traveler with Electro characters such as Fischl or Keqing. This can activate some strong Aggravate compositions and achieve high damage. You can also pair Dendro Traveler with characters like Thoma for a Burgeon comp, or Xingqiu and Yelan for a Hyperbloom comp.

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