All Genshin Impact Character Ages and Zodiac Signs

Which character do you share a Birthday or zodiac With?

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One of the major reasons for Genshin Impact’s immense success is the wide range of characters available in the game. Each character’s unique identity brings a different flavor to the table, and if you play the game regularly, it’s hard not to root for them. Furthermore, each character has dedicated lore that occasionally reveals their age and zodiac signs. If you are one of the game’s hardcore fans and want to know your favorite character’s age and zodiac signs, we’ve listed them all below.

Every Genshin Impact character’s Age, Zodiac, and Birthday

AlbedoSeptember 1319Virgo
AmberAugust 1020Leo
Arataki IttoJune 120-25(not confirmed)Gemini
BarbaraJuly 516Cancer
BeidouFebruary 1427Aquarius
BennetFebruary 2916Pisces
ChongyunSeptember 717Virgo
DilucApril 3022Taurus
DionaJanuary 1812Capricorn
EulaOctober 2519-22 (not confirmed)Scorpio
FischlMay 2716Gemini
GanyuDecember 23,000+Sagittarius
GorouMay 1818-22 (not cofirmed)Taurus
Hu TaoJuly 1520Cancer
Jean March 1420Pisces
KaeyaNovember 3022Sagittarius
Kaedehara KazuhaOctober 2918-22 (not confirmed)Scorpio
Kamisato AyakaSeptember 2818-22 (not confirmed)Libra
Kamisato AyatoMarch 26older than AyakaAries
KeqingNovember 2017Scorpio
KleeJuly 2710Leo
Kujou SaraJuly 1420-25 (not confirmed)Cancer
LisaJune 932Gemini
MonaAugust 3119Virgo
NingguangAugust 2625Virgo
NoelleMarch 2115Aries
QiqiMarch 3100+Pisces
Raiden ShogunJune 262000+Cancer
Razor September 916Virgo
RosariaJanuary 2424Aquarius
Sangonomiya KokomiFebruary 2219-23 (not confirmed)Pisces
SayuOctober 1916-20 (not confirmed)Libra
ShenheMarch 10unknownPisces
SucroseNovember 2618Sagittarius
TartagliaJuly 2021Cancer
ThomaJanuary 924-26 (not confirmed)Capricorn
TravelerCan be set as desired3000+Can be set as desired
VentiJune 162,600+Gemini
XianglingNovember 214Scorpio
XiaoApril 172,000+Aries
XingqiuOctober 917Libra
XinyanOctober 1616-18 (not confirmed)Libra
Yae MikoJune 27500+Cancer
YanfeiJuly 2819-23 (not confirmed)Leo
YoimiyaJune 2120-23 (not confirmed)Gemini
Yun JinMay 2116-20 (not confirmed)Gemini
ZhongliDecember 316000+Capricorn

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Keep in mind the list only includes the age, zodiac, and birthday of only the playable characters in Genshin Impact. Hence, we have not included the NPCs or any characters that will become playable in the future. Once any character becomes playable in the game, we’ll update the list.