How to pinch people for the Shamrock Challenge in BitLife

It’s good luck.


Image via Candywriter LLC

Part of the Shamrock Challenge in BitLife is to pinch people. This is a little awkward, as pinching people only becomes an option if you end up getting in some physical altercation.

There are a couple of options you can take to pinch people. When you are in school, if someone tries to be mean to you, then you may get the option to fight them. Take it, then select pinching them if it is an option.

You can also get in arguments with your siblings, and choose to attack them, which can also give you the option to pinch them.

If you are getting on in years and the option still hasn’t popped up, you can get yourself sent to jail by breaking the law, they go to the yard and attack someone, which should give you the option to pinch them. Finally, you can go to nightclubs and hope to get in a fight with a drunk. If someone starts to argue with you, you can attack them, and you may get the option to pinch them.

Basically, to pinch someone you need to live like a violent scumbag and hope that pinching is one of your attack options. It can take a while, and the options that you get might not always go your way, so be prepared to play through a couple of lives to get it done.

All the Shamrock Challenge requirements are listed below:

  • Live in or emigrate to Ireland
  • Have 7 redheaded children
  • Pinch 7 people
  • Own 7 green cars
  • Watch Jacksepticeye with a friend