How to play in Bot Only lobbies in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

Easy mode.


You may have wondered if there is a way to get a bot only lobby in Fortnite. In Chapter 2 Season 4 there is a way to do this, and we will run through it in this article for you. It should be noted, the match will end up being incredibly dull, but if you any reason you want to try it out, this is how.

The first thing you will need to do is set up a new Fortnite account on a second platform. You will want to play in the lobby as your main account, but you will need a brand new account to make it happen. You can set the second account up on any platform you like, to test it out we set it up on Nintendo Switch, with our main account on PC.

When that is done, there will be a couple of steps to take.

  • Send a friend request from the new account to your main account.
  • Set up a lobby on the NEW account, and invite your main account to the lobby.
  • Make sure the lobby for the NEW account is set to Squads and “No Fill”.
  • Set both accounts to ready.
  • When the new account loads into the lobby, leave instantly. You don’t want this account to get any experience at all.
  • Now your main account is left in a Squads lobby that is filled with bots.

As long as the new account does not get any experience, you can do this as many times as you like. It is useful for people who want to introduce a friend to the game, or maybe finish a difficult or awkward challenge. It really will result in a boring match however, and you won’t actually improve against other players.