How to Quickly Kill 500 Enemies With an Archgun in Warframe – Heavy Ordnance

One of the Acts in Warframe’s Series 3 of Nighwave, Heavy Ordnance, requires players to kill 500 enemies with an Archgun, and we know how.

image via Digital Extremes

One of the Acts added to Warframe during Series 3 of Nightwave was Heavy Ordnance. This requires players to kill 500 enemies using an Archgun, but they need to first get an Archgun before they can go ahead and start racking up those kills. This guide explains how to quickly kill 500 enemies with an Archgun in Warframe, so players aren’t stuck on this Act for hours and can move on to more important tasks.

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How to Kill 500 Enemies Quickly Using an Archgun in Warframe

Heavy Ordnance

To quickly kill 500 enemies with an Archgun in Warframe, players should play the Survival mission on Cameria, Jupiter and kill as many enemies as possible using an Archgun. This process is a combination of map, mission, and the Archgun weapon this Act centers on.

The best thing to do is hop into the Survival mission with other players and then visit a part of the map where they’ll be on their own. This is easy since most players in Warframe don’t farm for anything on Cameria, so there shouldn’t be any interruptions.

Players should look for a natural corridor in the landscape and allow enemies to build up behind them. Then, they can turn around and demolish every single foe as they continue to run into the Archgun’s gunfire. A single shot can completely annihilate every enemy in a corridor if players find the right one.

This process can take five minutes or go on a bit longer depending on how well players farm enemies using the corridor method. It’s possible to use another weapon if players don’t have the Fluctus, but they’ll need to build up as much punch through as possible before they can.

Ultimately, this is a challenge that players should be able to fly through in Warframe. It can be completed in the background while tackling other bits and pieces of story content, or become the main focus of someone’s play session. We prefer to leave things like this as background tasks that will tick off while we progress story quests or enjoy locations in Warframe we love exploring.