How tall is Kratos in God of War?

Kratos is an imposing character in the God of War franchise.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Kratos has been the primary protagonist in God of War throughout the franchise. He initially began his journey in Greek mythology, and the latest God of War installment finds him battling it out against the Norse pantheon. Given Kratos’ physique compared to the other gods he encounters, he is sometimes massive, and other times, he is a small dot on the map. But how tall is Kratos in God of War?

The exact details of Kratos’ height are a bit shakey. As we’ve pointed out earlier, he faces a variety of foes who will tower over him or stand just below his shoulders, with no precise height provided in the games. When he faces off against Baldur, the two are exact opposites, with Baldur being short and wiry and Kratos tall and menacing.

We can guess that Baldur is probably around five feet and nine inches, or at least in the higher five-foot range. On the other hand, Kratos is easily much taller than that and is above six feet tall in the 2018 edition of the game. There is a rabbit hole of discussions available on Reddit that dive into the God of War III concept art listing Kratos as taller than eight-foot, but that appears to be corrected in future game installments.

While Kratos’ exact height has never been precisely stated, his stature remains an intimidating presence against any foe he faces.