How to the activate half-year age up setting in BitLife

Take life at half the speed.

Image via Candywriter

Whenever you hit the age up button in BitLife, your character increases in age by a full year. You have to make sure you do everything you want to do before you hit that button. If you forget something, you may miss out on a certain objective or see a decrease in your stats that could take a few more years to correct. To ensure not everything goes too crazy, you can activate a half-year age up setting in your game. Rather than aging up a full year, it’s only half of the year, giving you twice as much of your character’s lifetime to complete ribbons and challenges you otherwise may have found challenging.

Developers Candywriter did not make this mechanic immediately happen in the game. It’s a setting you have to go to and turn on. You can find it in the top-left dropdown menu, among the other choices, notably at the bottom where you can add custom people to your game or redeem a code you received.

Click it, and every time you hit the center button, your character’s age increases by six months. It gives you more time to develop a social media following, work hard on your career, work on your relationship with your spouse, or cause more trouble and try to kill your worst enemy. The choices are endless, and now you can do them for longer. The feature first arrives to iPhone users and comes to those on Android devices in a later update.