How to become a model in BitLife

It’s not every day you’re able to become a model.


The route to becoming a model in BitLife is not an easy one. It’s a little troublesome, and you primarily have to start with a character with some excellent stats in looks and health. If you’re lacking in looks, chances are your character won’t be able to become a model, and they may have to look for a new type of work.

You can become a model as a male or a female. Both are acceptable, but we have noticed females have a higher chance of becoming a model. Your character also needs to have the highest looks and health. While you cannot influence looks too much, you can moderate their health by taking them to the doctor whenever they have problems, making sure they go to the gym, go on walks, or enroll in an athletic problem while in middle school or high school.

During your school years, the primary concern is keeping your character’s stats up. Study hard, play sports, and take part in various activities to ensure your stats all stay as high as possible. Don’t fight with friends or family, and do your best to make friends to keep your happiness levels high. When you leave school, you can choose to either head for college, or get a job. You should check the jobs section regularly, and you will be looking for the foot model job, which is the first job on the model ladder.

When you’re in school, outside of attending it, you don’t need to do much to work hard in your education. Your primary concern should be to keep a healthy diet, go to the gym, work hard in your athletic extracurricular program of choice, and not get into any type of trouble with your classmates.

Once you’re out of high school, you can immediately jump into the job section underneath occupation and start looking for the foot model job. It’s the first job you start in your modeling career. If you work hard enough, you’ll earn a promotion to a hand model, followed by becoming a catalog model, lingerie model, and then a runway model.

The runway model is the top modeling job in this career path. It also features the highest income available for players in this career. Throughout your time in this job, you’ll have to maintain your character’s look stats, along with their health. Because you cannot influence your looks too much, you want to modify your character’s diet, make sure they’re going to the gym whenever possible, and not engaging in any drugs or alcohol abuse.