How to beat Revenants in God of War

Taking down Revenants is no easy task in God of War.

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Revenants are a step above the typical Draugr you’ve been battling against in God of War. These agile creatures swiftly move across the battlefield, and nailing them down in a single spot can be a challenge. You’ll have to use Atreus’ bow and Kratos’ strength at the same time to eliminate them properly, and they become even more challenging with other foes also in your way. In this guide, we will share how to best beat Revenants in God of War.

When battling a Revenant, you want to try and close the distance between you and them as much as possible. They have long staves that they’ll use to keep you at medium range. While their attacks are slow, if they hit you, you’ll stagger, and it could take you a few seconds to recover. If you remain at long range, they’ll use blasts of magic that follow you around the area you’re fighting, making it difficult to avoid these attacks if you keep close. Our best advice is to charge straight at them, preparing to parry any of the staff attacks they use against you.

While you’re closing the distance, you want to use Atreus’ bow attacks to stagger them. If you purely charge in and strike, you’ll miss these opponents as you won’t be able to hit them. So they needed to be staged by Atreus’ arrows before you could hit them with your standard attacks.

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When battling a Revenant alongside other enemies, we highly recommend picking them out and going for them first. They are an incredibly tough opponent to avoid, and if you focus on other enemies, it’s easier for them to utilize their long-range spells against you.