How to beat the Cellblock Sentinel in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Don’t get stuck between this rock and a hard place.

Image via Blizzard

Before coming away with some precious Soul Ash, you will need to best a few bosses on your way out of Torghast in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. One of them is the aptly-named Cellblock Sentinel, a behemoth of solid rock that will try to keep you inside the tower for eternity.

You won’t be able to rush through this fight. One of Cellblock Sentinel’s primary attacks is Crumbling Walls, which has the potential to turn shards of rock into Sentinel Shards. It also uses Lumbering Might, which can reduce your speed to 25%, while granting a 50% increase to Cellblock’s physical attack power (as if it needed any more). Hold off on your attacks when either of these abilities begin, and drag Cellblock around the arena with you.

The other two attacks are chances for you to get in some offense. Ground Crush only extends to 15 yards in front of Cellblock, so you can easily dodge it, and Shockwave takes a long time to finish casting, giving you a chance to run around the back of Cellblock and pummel away.

Cellblock can also apply a few additional powers during the fight. Frostbite Wand will give your character Frostbite, knocking out half of your current health, but it will regenerate over a ten-second period. Unnatural Power gives a 10% boost to Cellblock’s damage and movement speed. Shattered Psyche dishes out some Shadow damage and increases your character’s damage taken from the attack by 1%, which can spell trouble if Cellblock decides to repeat the cast. Finally, Lethargy will deflect 3% of all spell damage done to Cellblock, and it may regenerate some of its health through a shield.