How to beat the Jurassic Predator Boss Race in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Conquer the dinosaur.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Jurassic Predator Boss Race will be the second or third Boss Race you face in Hot Wheels Unleashed. This is one of the most challenging races in the game, all built around a giant dinosaur that’s generating tiny tornadoes to trip you up. This guide offers a few tips to help you complete this race.

Avoid tornadoes at all costs

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are a lot of tornadoes on this track. They move from left to right and sweep up any cars that touch them. Make no mistake, even if you see another car get caught by a tornado, it can still capture you and cost you precious seconds. Try to avoid them as much as possible by watching the track ahead of you and anticipating their movement. They pause for half a second at each side of the track before continuing to patrol across it. Monitor their position, and aim your car accordingly.

Boost on the magnetic stretches

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The tornadoes make it hard to judge when you have a safe stretch of track to boost on. The reality is that nowhere is safe to boost apart from the magnetic stretches of track. Only boost on these or when you come around a corner because otherwise, there’s a good chance that you’ll lose more time than you gain.

Don’t get caught out at the finish line

Screenshot by Gamepur

The finish line has a tornado right in front of it. This one tornado can cost you the entire race if you let it. So don’t let your guard down even when you get to this crucial point in the race. Always be aware of where this tornado is, and dodge it so that you don’t lose the race in the final seconds.