How to become a CEO in BitLife

Get yourself that corner office.

Image via Candywriter

In BitLife you can live a virtual life, making different choices along the way. You can live in different countries, have a range of jobs, and even go to jail.

For players looking to complete all requirements of the Dark Knight Challenge, we have a page dedicated just for you.

One of the jobs you can potentially get is the CEO of a company. Everything in BitLife is pretty random, but there are certain choices and decisions you can make to try to make your dreams come true.

If you want to become a CEO you will need to be smart. You want to start the game with high intelligence, so don’t worry if you need to restart it multiple times. Make sure that you do things like go to the library, focus on school, and get yourself into a good college.

It’s a very good idea to try and get a scholarship, so keep working on making yourself as smart as possible, do as much exercise as you can so you can be healthy, and do extracurricular activities in school. This should hopefully all add up to you getting offered a scholarship.

In college, you will need to study business, so make your way to Business School and when that is over you will need to go to Graduate school. Once you get out of college, it is time to join the corporate world, so look for a job with Corporate in the title. You will need to prioritize work in your choices, and it will take around 15 years until you can get the job of Assistant Vice President. After that, it’s more hard work and you will be able to make your way all the way to the CEO.

You will need to get promoted to Vice President, Executive Vice President, then Managing Director. After that, you will be able to become the CEO of the company. If the promotions do not come your way quickly enough, you can always try applying for the next step up in a new company.

In the corporate world, you can make a lot of money, but remember to focus on work if you want to become the CEO. Too many distractions will mean less time in the office and less chance of reaching your goal.