How to become a famous rapper in BitLife

Hit the music.

Image via Candywriter

You can go down several unique career paths in BitLife. One of the more notable ones you can choose to go with is becoming a famous rapper, which requires a lot of dedication to your talent. You’ll want to try fostering your character’s talents early so you can jump into them quickly, especially after high school. This guide details how to become a famous rapper. There is no rapper career, but your character can produce a rap album, and that counts.

You want to take vocal lessons immediately. You can do this before your character starts becoming a teenager. You want to take voice lessons as early as possible and improve those skills early, well before they graduate high school. You can take vocal lessons by going to the activities tab and the Mind & Body to take voice lessons, the final option at the bottom. You need to take these each year.

When your character reaches 18, they can choose to go to college or join the workforce. Your character doesn’t need to go to college to excel as a rapper. Instead, you want to go to the occupation tab and scroll down to remarkable careers. First, you want to choose the option in the special careers to become a musician, and then you want to become a solo artist as a singer. Your character will need to apply to a record label, and if your character’s talents are good enough, they’ll be accepted. Whenever you make an album, you need to make sure it’s a rap album, and that’s how you can become a famous rapper.

The more rap albums you make with that record label, the more money your character will make, and eventually, you’ll create a platinum album. It’s one of the highest standing you can receive as a musician, and the money piles up, turning your character into a distinguished rapper.