How to become a Fashion Designer in BitLife

Do you know Fashion?

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The job of Fashion Designer is a rare one in BitLife. It does not appear too often on the Occupation page, which can be frustrating if you want your character to go down this career path. There is a bit of preparation you will need to do before you attempt to go through with this, and doing this will ensure your character has the best chance of being accepted for the role. This guide covers how to become a Fashion Designer in BitLife.

How to get the Fashion Designer job

The Fashion Designer job is similar to nearly every career in BitLife. It will be available for your character if you can find it on the Occupation page. This is randomly generated. If you do not see it, we recommend shutting down the application, entirely exiting from it, and rebooting it on your smartphone. When you start the application once again and return to the Occupation page, a fresh assortment of jobs will be available. This ensures you do not waste a year of your character’s precious life looking for it.

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Before you worry about trying to get this job, make sure your character attends college. A college degree is recommended for the career, and the best one you can apply for is a Graphic Design major. Similar to other majors in college, your character will need to go through four years of this before they graduate. It doesn’t hurt to increase your character’s Smart skill before they reach this point, which you can do by having them visit the Library, reading books, or applying themselves in their early academic learning. The Smart stat will steadily go up the more you read or use the memory game in-between each year.

Once your character has graduated with a Graphic Design degree, the last thing to do is find a job. It will be available under Jr. Fashion Designer. You will need to start here and steadily climb the ranks of this career before becoming a full-fledged Fashion Designer.