How to become a mechanic in BitLife

It’s a simple life.

Image via Candywriter

You can become any type of professional in BitLife. You can explore several jobs for your character, or even work your way up to run a mafia. For those who prefer a more simple way to work, you can choose to become a mechanic. It’s not a difficult job, but it’s good one for someone who wants to fix things with their hands and make an honest living. Almost any character in BitLife can become a mechanic.

You do not need any formal education or training to become a mechanic. You can choose to enter this profession when your character reaches the age of 18. It’ll be available in the jobs section, under auto mechanic, or apprentice auto mechanic. We highly recommend you go with the apprentice auto mechanic, especially when you’re younger. You’ll be able to learn under someone who’s already been doing this for several years, making it easier to remain in this line of work. It doesn’t make a lot of money, so you’ll be a little strapped, or you might have to rely on your significant other to help out.

If you do not see the auto mechanic or apprentice auto mechanic roles available, you have to age up and wait for next year. Because of how little money you’re going to make with the job, you’re also better off having a part-time or doing some freelance work for more money.

After working hard for several years, and learning under those above you, you’ll eventually become an auto mechanic, and you can work at the operation as a senior member.