How to become a pilot in BitLife

A pilot’s life is for me.

Image via Pixabay on Pexels.

BitLife allows you to explore different professions in the game, such as becoming the President or becoming a doctor. Another important job you can have is becoming a pilot, where you travel the world, taking people to other exotic and foreign locations. It’s a highly regarded profession to have, and obtaining it takes a bit of time.

To become a pilot in BitLife, you need to focus on keeping your smart stat as high as possible throughout your early years. You can do this by spending time reading every year, studying hard in school, and keeping to your studies as best you can. The higher your smart skill, the higher chances you have to your application accepted to university, and future positions.

When you’re ready to enter university, you need to choose between majoring in biology of psychology. One of these two choices works fine, and then while in college, you need to continue doing the same thing you’ve been doing, such as studying hard for your classes and maintaining your smarts stat. You’ll do this until you graduate, and then you want to apply for medical school, hence choosing biology or psychology essential to continue towards a pilot’s career.

You’ll spend the next few years in medical school, continuing the rinse and repeat process of studying hard, keeping your smart stats up, and staying out of trouble. If your character finds themselves going to jail at all during this time, they could make it more difficult to continue your schooling.

After you graduate from medical school, the next goal is to look for the Pilot Trainee job position in the careers section of BitLife. The career choice might not always be there, so you may have to refresh this page every few years in the game before you see it pop up. When you do, accept it, and then work your way through the career path of working hard each year on the job and then requesting a promotion every three to five years.

You can increase your chances of advancing your career by having a good relationship with your superior. Mostly, it’s a patient game of working hard, keeping your life balance, and ensuring you don’t cause too much trouble with your co-workers.