How to become a private investigator in BitLife

Make sure to take plenty of notes.


Image via Candywriter LLC

You have a wide variety of career choices in BitLife. Some of them take years of schooling before you can think about entering the field, especially if you want to perform open-heart surgery on a patient or attempt to work for NASA. However, a handful of the career paths in the game take a little bit of wit, intuition, and a splash of whiskey. The private detective life is not for everyone, but with the correct feeling in your gut, you can make it in that career, and there are plenty of cases to solve.

Like any of the careers available in BitLife, you have to have a bit of luck trying and gaining access to it. When you’re 18, you can go into the workforce by immediately applying for a job or choosing to grab one of the available career paths and never go to college. While many students may prefer the glamorous life of living on campus, you can choose to become a private investigator, but only if the career option is available for you to grab.

When you do it, see in the available list, apply for it, and set up your own practice to solve crimes for anyone who walks in. You won’t make a heap of money on the project, but it’s a worthwhile endeavor to check out this career. After working in it for 20 years, you do receive a badge on your profile.