How to become a professional basketball player in BitLife

Go for a three-point shot.

Image via Candywriter

If you want your character to become a famous athlete in BitLife, you’ll be able to do it with plenty of hard work and dedication. You’ll have to work on your character’s skills early in the game to make sure they’re ready to be drafted to the professional leagues when they reach 18 — this guide detail how to become a professional basketball player in BitLife.

You’ll want to work on your character’s stats at the age of eight or so when they can begin taking walks. Make sure they go on a long walk each year whenever they have the opportunity to do so. After that, you then want to make sure they attend martial art classes. They must perform these tasks at least once a year to keep their health and cardio up.

When they reach middle school, you can gauge your character’s hidden skill and athleticism and join a sports team. Athleticism is a key skill for any character looking to join a basketball team in BitLife. You can join any sports team in middle school, but they need to try out for the basketball team when they reach high school.

Like working out and heading to the gym, your character will need to practice basketball while they’re attending high school. They should eventually be promoted to captain before they graduate. With all of that in place, when your character graduates high school, they should be offered the chance to be drafted into a professional basketball team, and their career as a basketball player will have begun.