How to become a veterinarian in BitLife

Make your parents proud by taking on a job in animal care.


Image via Candywriter

BitLife lets players simulate the whole life of a character, from birth to death. Some options in the game include things you wouldn’t necessarily want to do in real life, like become a criminal and get sent to prison, but others are more aspirational.

One of the biggest parts of BitLife, once your character reaches adulthood, is getting a job, and the game gives you plenty of paths to choose from. Some careers, like becoming a veterinarian, require specialized training, and to stand the best chance of succeeding, you’ll need to start preparing early. Like everything else in BitLife, getting the job you want is based somewhat on luck, but here’s the best way to become a veterinarian in BitLife.

Raising your Smarts

Becoming a veterinarian requires a specialized education in university and graduate school, but you can start preparing for success even as a child. The most important requirement to meet is to have a high Smarts rating.

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Some of your character’s Smarts can be inherited, but there are plenty of things you can do to get your Smarts rating as high as possible. Going to the library and reading books are easy ways to raise your Smarts, so do those as much as you can. Smarts is also tied to studying in school and playing the Intelligence Test minigame. You’ll want to get your Smarts as high as possible before graduating from high school for the next step.

Applying to university

Once you graduate from high school in BitLife, you’ll be able to go on to university. When applying for university, you’ll be given a choice of several random majors to select from. To become a veterinarian, you’ll need to choose either chemistry or biology as your major.

If chemistry and biology are both missing from your list of majors, you’re not completely out of luck. You can choose to either take a year off from school or even attend community college and try to raise your Smarts even more. The next year, you’ll get the chance to apply to university again and hope for either biology or chemistry to be available.

Going to veterinary school

Continue to study hard in university and you should graduate with a degree in either chemistry or biology. Having either of those degrees opens up the option to attend veterinary school. Just like other steps in your education, continue to study hard at this stage and you should have no trouble getting your degree. Once you’ve graduated from veterinary school, you can use your degree to finally start applying for veterinary jobs and start your virtual dream career.