How to become a YouTuber in BitLife

Make sure to smash that like button.

Image via Candywriter

YouTube is one of the five major social media platforms you can have your character join in BitLife. Each of the social media websites allow you to post videos and gain followers on them. If your page becomes successful enough on TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram, you can turn into a social media influencer, unlocking fame. If you prefer focusing on the video aspect and posting, you can join YouTube.

Your character can typically join YouTube when they enter high school at age 14. This goes for all social media platforms. Sometimes, your character receives a notification being asked if they’d like to sign up for a social media profile. But, most of the time, you’ll have to go down to the activities tab on the menu and scroll down to social media. From there, you can choose to sign up for YouTube and start posting videos.

The videos you can choose to post will vary in content. You’ll be able to choose from videos about BitLife, challenges, dances, educational, gaming, haul, how-to’s, livestreams, political, product reviews, unboxing, or you can vlog. By posting videos on the same type of content, you can gain followers and develop a fan base. When you reach enough subscribers, you’ll become a social media influencer, and it can turn into a career. When you’re starting, you can choose to purchase subscribers to boost your numbers when you begin, eventually you can monetize your account, so you don’t have to use a part-time job with it.

Becoming a YouTube can take a lot of time and dedication. We recommend increasing your character’s looks and health. These typically increase the amount of followers who follow your videos.