How to become the boss of a Mafia in BitLife

The head of the family.

Image via Candywriters

Becoming the boss of a Mafia crime family in BitLife can take quite a bit of time. Not only do you have to earn enough reputation to enter the Mafia in the first place, but then you have to work up through the various authority figures to gain their confidence. There are several ways to do this, and this primarily works by having enough notoriety and respect from several members.

To welcome any of the Mafia families in BitLife, you’ll have to commit several crimes. We were able to kill several NPCs and commit smaller crimes, like robbing people’s homes or grand theft auto, before being let in. In one of our lives, we also spent time in jail, and when we left, a crime family welcomed us in with no issues.

Once you’re in the family, you need to work your way up by treating it like any other job. You’ll have special tasks like extorting small businesses, committing crimes on behalf of the family that are the same as the “crimes” tab in the “activities” section, or speaking to the family members. The Mafia members typically won’t like you immediately, so doing this after working with them for several years is typically the best idea.

Once you have enough notoriety, continue asking for promotions within the family. If you do it too early, you’ll likely be turned down and forced to see the head of your organization, and they tell you to watch it. You’ll want to spend quite a bit of time making sure you have enough notoriety and respect from the other Mafia members.

Eventually, typically when you’re older, you’ll become the boss of the family. This can take several years, so try extorting as many small businesses as you can, completing tasks for the family, and finding ways to work with them to produce more income.