How to become the King of England in BitLife

Joining the Royal Family.

Image via Candywriter

There are numerous professions and jobs your character can pick from in BitLife. Some of them come with more notoriety than others, such as becoming the King of England. Earning this title is no easy task, and it comes with quite a bit of luck that could prove troublesome for some players. Here’s the breakdown of how you can become the King of England in BitLife.

The best way to effectively do this is to have your male character be born in England and is a member of the Royal Family. Unless you’ve paid for God Mode in BitLife, this means you’ll have to constantly remake a male character until all of these things line up, which can take quite a bit of time, but it’s the best way to make sure you can achieve it. Once your male character is born in the Royal Family, and your father is the King of England, you’re good to go.

When you’re the prince of England to your father, you want to make sure you’re the oldest son your family has so that you’ll inherit everything when your father passes. Sometimes, eliminating them is the best course of action or having the highest relationship with your father if you have any siblings. Then, when your father passes away, and you’re the oldest son to your father, you will inherit the throne.

However, that process can take quite a bit of time and take forever. You’re sometimes better off attempting to murder your father using poison or another sneaky method that you feel is a good way to eliminate him without anyone noticing. If you were to do it at a young age, you could get away with it a lot better than if your character is older.

The real trick is having your male character born in the Royal Family when growing up in England. You’ll have to go through several iterations and rerolls before this happens, so patience is key.