How to break Electro Barriers on Inazuma in Genshin Impact

Pass with ease.

Dotted around Inazuma, the new area that was added to Genshin Impact in update 2.0, players will find Electro barriers. They will be completely unable to pass through them, and will normally have good reason to want to try. The Electro barriers will often block off resources or paths that players will want to explore.

Luckily, getting through these barriers is actually fairly simple when you know what to look out for. First, the barriers come in two forms, flat barriers that look like walls, and dome-shaped barriers. Both of them can be bypassed the same way.

You will need to search the area for a Sakura Thunder Bough. They look like small, twisted tree trunks that curl around each other, giving off a faint purple light. When you find one, interact with it to get an electrogranum. This will float beside you, giving you a temporary buff that allows you to pass through the barriers.

The location of the tree won’t always be obvious, or immediate. Sometimes you may need to use your Mysterious Memento Lens to scan a nearby Earth Kitsune to make it appear, so keep an eye out for them at all times. The Earth Kitsunes are small fox-like statues that will have some purple streaks of energy on them.

You also want to level up at the Sacred Tree in the Grand Shrine to ensure you can get through higher-level barriers. The next levels will open up at Levle 6 and Level 12.