How to break metal blocks in Pizza Tower

Destroy everything in your way!

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There are many challenges that you will face in the Pizza Tower, as you collect all the pizza ingredients and defeat all the food-related enemies. One problem you will stumble into often are the metal blocks. For some reason, they don’t break as easily as normal blocks and they seem to appear at the worst moments. Well, here is how you can break these metal blocks in Pizza Tower and get chef Peppino to safety.

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Break metal blocks in Pizza Tower

Depending on how it is positioned, there are two ways to break metal blocks in Pizza Tower:

  • Hit them while doing the Mach Run at high speeds.
  • Bodyslam them while falling at high speeds.
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The metal blocks will usually be positioned in a way in which you will have to use one of the two methods listed above. If they are sitting at an angle where you can touch them from the left or right, you will have to build up speed, doing the Mach Run (press and hold Shift), and hit it with your body. You will know you are at the right speed if you start seeing a yellow aura appearing in front of you as you run.

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If the metal block is positioned in a way where you can only touch its upper part, then you will need to jump and hit it with a bodyslam. You will need to get the yellow effect you would get while doing the Mach Run to actually break the metal block. Jump (press Z) higher to get a more height and press the ↓ key on your keyboard to start the bodyslam. Hitting the metal block should result in its destruction.