How to buy a log cabin in BitLife

Buy a place out in the wildness.

Image via Candywriter

You wouldn’t expect to purchase a log cabin in BitLife, but if you want to complete the Monopoly Challenge in a single life, you need to buy five of them. Surprisingly, of the various residences you to buy to complete the challenge, it’s probably the most elusive to find on the real estate. Is there anything special you need to do, or is there a way to increase your chances of finding one?

Unfortunately, there’s no specific region or part of the world you can live to increase the chances. You don’t have to move around a particular country or move to a less populated part of the world. The log cabin house shows up randomly in the available assets that you can purchase. If you don’t see it for that year, increase your character’s life by a year and try again. All of the real estate choices reset every year, giving you new opportunities to buy a more suitable home.

When you find a log cabin in the purchasable assets, you must act fast to grab it. Don’t worry about the quality because you can always improve it, granted you have enough money to maintain it every year. They’re significantly cheaper than the other residences you have to purchase to complete the Monopoly Challenge, which is great, but you could find yourself waiting until you reach an older age to buy them. Make sure to keep to find a great paying job to increase your income.