How to buy a palace in BitLife

Roll out the red carpet.


Palaces are challenging to come by in BitLife. You seldom find them on the market, but you have to have enough money to purchase them even more so. It’s mostly about being patient enough to see them pop up as an available asset in the real estate market. If you’re attempting to complete the Monopoly Challenge in BitLife, you might find yourself delicately looking through the assets over and over again until you find one available. Are there any tricks or things you should watch out for when attempting to purchase one?

Mostly, no. There’s no strict strategy around waiting for a palace to show up on the real estate market. These are usually the most expensive ones to purchase in the game, so it’s mostly about having a high paying job to handle the massive costs and monthly bills. If you mainly want to complete the Monopoly Challenge, choose the cheapest one of the market, and then buy it as soon as you can. It doesn’t have to be an expensive location.

Once you have it, you primarily want to keep your BitLife character out of trouble. The less trouble and illegal activities they do, the higher their chances of keeping their jobs to ensure they have enough income to manage the location. A palace is a great piece of real estate, allowing you to have hold a considerable net worth for your character. When your character passes on, any of their children will inherit it, giving them an excellent start.