How to capture a monster in Monster Hunter Rise

You don’t need to kill everything.

Image via Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise may involve a lot of combat, but you don’t need to kill absolutely every monster in the game. On the larger hunts, you also have the option to capture the creatures. This can be helpful as it cuts the fight time down a little, and some resources have better drop chances from captures instead of kills.

What you will need to do if you plan to capture a monster is plenty of preparation. While a kill just involves using whatever weapon you have equipped, a capture requires specific equipment that you may need to craft before you set out on the hunt.

To capture a monster in Monster Hunter Rise, you will need the following:

When fighting the monster, you will know you have gotten to the final stage of the fight as the monster will start to limp away from you. It will be visibly injured, indicating that it is weak enough to be captured.

The trick is to get ahead of the monster, or to the area that it is going to, and place a Shock Trap or Pitfall Trap to catch it in. If you are fast enough, and position smartly at the end of the fight stage, it is pretty easy to get ahead of the beast.

After you have set the trap, and the monster walks into it, you will need to hit it in the face with some Tranq Bombs until it falls asleep. The amount can vary, depending on the monster’s resistances. When the beast finally falls asleep, it will be considered captured, and the hunt will be over.

Like all things in gaming, getting proficient at capturing monsters will come with time and practice, so make sure to try to capture them as much as possible.