How to catch Pheromosa in Pokémon Go

Pheromosa is an Ultra Beast that you can catch in Pokémon Go.

Image via Niantic

Pheromosa is one of the Ultra Beasts, and you will have a limited time to catch it in Pokémon Go. When it initially debuts, it only is available to a handful of players. However, it appears in other ways as we reach the end of the Season of Go, which will happen in August. Here’s what you need to know about how to catch Pheromosa in Pokémon Go.

Where to find Pheromosa

When Pheromosa first becomes available, only Pokémon Go Fest ticket holders attending the Berlin event will be able to find this Pokémon. This is the first in-person event for Pokémon Go Fest 2022, and unless you are there in person, you will not see it appearing in five-star raids. There’s always the chance that Berlin players can invite others using a remote raid pass, but we wouldn’t bet on this possibility.

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Following the conclusion of the Berlin Pokémon Go Fest event, Pheromosa will disappear. However, Niantic has confirmed this Ultra Beast, along with Buzzwole, Xurkitree, and Nihilego, will be returning at the end of the Season of Go. They will appear in five-star raids for all players to participate in for a limited time.

You will know when these Ultra Beasts have a chance to appear in five-star raids as you will see a wormhole above a gym instead of a raid egg. These wormholes will spawn a random Ultra Beast, which means there’s a chance to encounter any of these four Ultra Beasts, not only Pheromosa. You may want to explore your local area to find other Gyms to increase your chances of locating a Pheromosa.