How to change character outfits in Blue Reflection: Second Light

Dress to impress.


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The characters in Blue Reflection: Second Light all have their own sense of style and personality. This comes through in their Reflector outfits and what they can wear around the school or while exploring. As they acquire new outfit choices, you can pick and choose what they wear. This guide explains how to do this, so you can help each character look their best.

Visit the locker room

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The first time you change a character’s outfit will be in the locker room. This is a location you’ll visit as part of the main story. To get there, you first need to have fixed the hole in the ceiling in the school. Once you’ve done that, you’ll unlock any bonus outfits that came with your copy of the game, and you’ll be able to change what each character is wearing.

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You can change outfits by interacting with the lockers in the locker room. This takes you to a new screen where you can change each character’s look, customizing each item of clothing they wear. Once you’ve visited the locker room, you can also change each character’s outfit from the in-game menu, as long as you’re in the school. Of course, they won’t help you sneak past enemies or improve your combat abilities, which is why you won’t be bothered about changing outfits when exploring dangerous new locations.