How to change difficulty in Diablo Immortal

Take on a bigger challenge.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Changing the difficulty in the Diablo series is important for the endgame because it allows you to take on tougher enemies and be rewarded with better loot in the end. If you always stay fighting at the base game’s difficulty, you will hardly move forward with your gear scores, so adjusting it on the fly is important. Here is how to change your difficulty in Diablo Immortal.

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How to change your character’s difficulty in Diablo Immortal

If you are looking to change the difficulty in Diablo Immortal, you can not touch it until your character has reached the maximum level cap of level 60. This gives you plenty of time to work through the game’s story and learn your class so you can begin planning a better build of gear and abilities when you reach that top spot. This situation is different from Diablo III, which allowed you to adjust the difficulty as your character continued to progress slightly. Still, in Immortal’s case, there is only one standard difficulty until you reach level 60.

Once your character hits the level cap, travel to Westmarch and open up your map. A new skull icon will appear in the top right corner that lets you adjust the difficulty. As you raise into each difficulty tier, the game will adjust the combat rating of the monsters you fight in dungeons and the overworld, bringing a heftier challenge to you, but giving you much better rewards for killing them. Here are the various difficulty levels and recommended levels for players to be in when they play them:

  • Normal – Character level 1-60
  • Hell 1 – Paragon Level 1-60
  • Hell 2 – Paragon Level 30-130
  • Hell 3 – Paragon Level 90-210
  • Hell 4 – Paragon Level 160-300

Once you hit character level 60, you will also unlock Paragon levels, an additional progression system made for the endgame. As you continue to gain experience, you will level up these areas to make you better suited for fighting demons in the more challenging Hell difficulties. When you hit the certain threshold for the next difficulty, we highly recommend changing to it so you can continue to earn better gear suited towards more powerful characters which will keep you progressing.