How to change equipment in PowerWash Simulator

Have the right tools for the job.

Image via Square Enix

PowerWash Simulator is a simple game on the surface. Players are tasked with running their own power washer cleaning service and have to clean up all sorts of filthy locations and gunky vehicles. Everything from the dirtiest playgrounds to the muddiest monster trucks will need to be hosed down in order for the player to complete a job and grow their business. But some jobs will be more time-consuming than others and players will need to know how to change their equipment to be truly efficient with their cleaning.

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Changing equipment in PowerWash Simulator is extremely simple. In order to change between different power washers, press E to bring up your inventory. Scroll the mouse up and down to cycle between nozzles, which not only changes the amount of pressure that your power washer will use but also how wide the spread of the stream will be.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can further customize your power washer with the number buttons. Pressing 1 will allow you to select a specific extension for your power washer, 2 will allow you to select a specific nozzle, and 3 will allow you to change any cleaning liquid you have in stock. Knowing these button combos will get you washing up your client’s gunk in no time flat.