How to change your character’s diet and eat food in BitLife

Eat healthier.


BitLife doesn’t have a direct action where your character eats food. It might happen during a random event that you can choose to eat something or have a drink, and not. However, that is not the food your BitLife character is regularly eating. When your character becomes 18, in the Mind & Body tab underneath Activities, there’s an option for you to choose the type of diet your character has for the rest of their life. It happens behind the scenes and is not something you regularly need to keep track of, unless you want your character to eat a specific food, or remain healthy.

You can only alter your character’s diet when they turn 18. Each of the various diets costs money that you have to pay each month, so multiple that total by 12 for the full cost of maintaining that diet. Not all of the diets will be available in the same country, and they vary for each one, along with their price. They’re also going to vary in increase your character’s health or not. Some diets can harm your BitLife character.

These are many of the diets you can choose to eat while playing BitLife.

  • Atkins (decreases health)
  • High Calorie (decreases health)
  • Hot Cheetos (decreases health)
  • Jenny Craig (increases health)
  • Keto (increases health)
  • Mediterranean (increases health)
  • Nutrisystem (increases health)
  • Paleo (increases health)
  • South Beach (increases health)
  • Tapeworm (decreases health)
  • Vegan (increases health)
  • Weight Watchers (increases health)
  • Whole 30 (decreases health)

If you’re trying to complete a particular challenge, such as the Eat Pray Love Challenge in BitLife, you might have to alter your character’s diet to meet the challenge requirements.

Changing a diet only takes a full age-up cycle. Outside of picking what diet you want for your BitLife character, there’s no other involvement with it.