How to charge the Stun Baton in Sons of the Forest

These mutants are in for a shock.

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Sons of the Forest will test your mettle against the dangerous wilderness and hostile cannibals that inhabit it. You must rely on your wits, cunning, and combat skills to survive, especially in melee combat. Whether you’re facing off against a single cannibal or a horde of them, knowing how to use your weapons effectively is crucial to your success. One of the most effective weapons at your disposal is the stun baton, an electrifying tool to zap your foes, but you need to charge it, and this guide explains the process in detail.

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Where and how to charge Stun Baton in Sons of the Forest

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You can discover a Stun Baton in a skull pile, but that doesn’t mean you can use it yet. First, you’ll need to get batteries to charge the Stun Baton and start paralyzing enemies at your whim.

Where to find batteries to charge Stun Baton in Sons of the Forest

In the Sons of the Forest world, batteries are like gold — they’re essential to keeping your electronic devices running, especially the Stun Baton. These batteries spawn randomly on the map, hidden in gray or yellow crates or skin pouches from defeated enemies.

Another place to find batteries is subterranean bunkers and caves with 3D printers. There are two set spawn locations: the Cave, where you find the Katana, and the Cave, where you find the Guest Keycard facility. But be careful — raiding cannibal camps for batteries is risky, so only do it if you’re desperate.

Once you’ve found your batteries, charging up your stun baton is easy. Just open up your inventory, add the device and the battery to the black cloth, and click on the gray wheel to add the battery to the device. And voila! You’ll have a fully charged device ready to help you survive. Watch the blue charge bar to know when it’s time to swap out the battery.