How to cheese Desperate Measures in Destiny 2 Lightfall – Calus cheese strat

Calus is not messing around.

Image via Bungie

Some players are having trouble taking on the final boss of the Lightfall campaign in Destiny 2. You’ll face off against a newly emerged Calus, reborn by The Witness and given an array of powers to use against you. You’ll see these powers firsthand during this encounter; taking on this character can make it tough. There are a few ways you can make it easier, though. Here’s what you need to know about how to cheese Calus and complete Desperate Measures in Destiny 2.

How to best defeat Calus in Desperate Measures in Destiny 2

To make sure you can take down Calus, we’re going to recommend you start the encounter using Strand and lean into the Grapple. Make sure this is on your grenade slot. Although you won’t be using this too much during the first phase, it’ll be a primary choice for you during the second phase, which is easily the more difficult of the two.

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Defeat Calus during first phase

When you arrive at the vault during the first phase, Calus will use a mini-gun weapon against it, and he’ll have multiple Cabal allies throughout the area. Taking them and Calus on can be tiring simultaneously. We recommend that you trigger the fight, but after you do, return to the stairs where you walked into the arena and go underneath them. You can go under these stairs and fire at Calus from beneath them. The type of weapon you want to use during this phase will vary, but it’s a personal choice.

Screenshot by Gamepur

We recommend trying to get Calus as low as possible during this phase and then taking out the Tormentors. Although some players believe taking them out is optional, it makes the second phase fight much easier to eliminate them and not have to deal with them for the rest of the encounter. For the next part to work, you must leave the stairs before defeating Calus, so do not defeat him until you’re ready.

Defeat Calus during second phase

Before the second phase starts, make your way to the walkways surrounding the arena, and then take out Calus for the first phase. Now, during the second phase, a large bubble drops down to surround you. While you’re on this walkway, a message appears that reads, “Joining Allies,” and if you remain in this outside field, you’ll teleport to the center, fighting Calus. However, if you wait for the bubble to drop around Calus, use your Grapple to aim for the top, and jump up there. Calus should not be able to hit you, and you’ll be able to take him out from this location largely untouched.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You should be able to hit Calus from his angle and finish the encounter relatively easily in the Destiny 2 Lightfall campaign.