How to claim pre-registration rewards in NBA Ball Stars

Need to upgrade your team a bit?

NBA Ball Stars, a mobile game published by Netmarble, began to give interested individuals who pre-registered for the game access beginning on April 6. This game blends basketball with traditional mobile games, thanks to the fact that players will need to hit connected, matching Gems in order to maximize performance.

In addition to having the option to download the game, those who pre-registered also have the option of receiving special rewards that can be used in the game. So, how can you claim your pre-registration rewards.

After you have selected your team and went through the tutorial, you will want to click on the envelope symbol. This symbol can be found on the bottom-left side of the screen, right above the Versus option.

Screenshot from Gamepur

Once you click on that, you should be at the Message Center. Go through the messages, and you should find one from your assistant GM. This message will indicate that you pre-registration rewards are ready, and can be claimed.

Click on the message, and then claim your rewards. The rewards include a number of in-game items, include a card of Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant.

Screenshot from Gamepur

Morant is the cover athlete of NBA Ball Stars, so it really shouldn’t be a shock that the former top draft pick can be obtained in a simple manner.