How to climb and grab ledges in Axiom Verge 2

Grasp ledges and access new areas.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Sometimes it’s not just doors that require a special tool that you’ll struggle to get past in Axiom Verge 2. Ledges are completely inaccessible too. This guide covers how you can grab ledges and even climb to out-of-reach places in the game.

Find Sheskala

Screenshot by Gamepur

Climbing and ledge grabbing are skills you’ll learn from Sheshkala. She’s one of the Arms you’ll encounter as you progress through the story of Axiom Verge 2. She grants you the ability to do both of these things. You’ll find her on the left-hand side of The Glacier’s map. She’s quite far out, at least in the early stages of the game. See our map reference for her location below.

Screenshot by Gamepur

While you can’t climb on every wall in the game, you can grasp rough-edged walls like ice. Once you’ve found Sheshkala, you can also jump towards ledges and grab them, allowing you to pull yourself up into an out-of-reach area. With this ability, you can return to areas you’ve already explored and get into places you weren’t able to before. Look for platforms or entrances that are just slightly too far away for the apex of your jump to get to.