How to Collect Void Energy in Dead by Daylight for Haunted by Daylight Challenges

Void Energy is a mysterious resource players need to collect to complete challenges in Dead by Daylight’s Haunted by Daylight event.


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Dead by Daylight’s Haunted by Daylight event presents players with a brand new Tome to work through for time-limited cosmetic rewards. These are among the most coveted items in the game, only popping up once before disappearing forever.

However, it’s difficult to know how to collect Void Energy in Dead by Daylight for Haunted by Daylight challenges, something that players will need to master if they want to push through the event Tome quickly and earn everything possible before it’s too late.

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How to Collect Void Energy in Dead by Daylight

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Both Killers and Survivors can collect Void Energy in Dead by Daylight during the Haunted by Daylight event. Survivors can collect it by smashing Pumpkins, absorbing Void Energy Orbs or Rifts, stunning the Killer, and passing skill checks on generators. However, Survivors will lose all their Void Energy once they’re downed by the Killer through any means, including Victor’s Pounce.

Killers can collect Void Energy by smashing Pumpkins, hooking Survivors, and downing Survivors by any means. If Killers are stunned by Survivors, they’ll lose all their Void Energy, setting them back to the very beginning.

The Void Energy Challenges in the Haunted by Daylight Tome in Dead by Daylight require players to pick up a certain amount of Void Energy or absorb it from Void Energy Orbs. These Challenges are easy to complete, but players will need to take time to rush after Void Energy Orbs and collect Void Energy where it appears in a Trial.

What is Void Energy Used for in Dead by Daylight

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Void Energy is used in Dead by Daylight by both Killers and Survivors to stabilize Unstable Rifts. These can be found around a map and will be highlighted when players have Void Energy so they can rush to them and push the energy into the Void.

The Unstable Rifts will stabilize once players in a Trial have cumulatively spent enough Void Energy. This allows players to step through into the Void, a realm where The Entity dumps everything it doesn’t want, including souls.

Players can release Haunts from the Void and use them on their foes. This allows Survivors to gain Haste or lay a trap for Killers. Releasing a Haunt will also apply the Endurance Status effect and charge up held items that might be spent. They’re pretty useful but a difficult mechanic to master for the temporary Haunted by Daylight event in Dead by Daylight.