How to commit murder in BitLife

Someone had to go.

Image via Candywriter

You can do plenty of things in BitLife that you can’t normally do in real life, and some of those actions come with funny or horrible consequences. Something horrible you can do in BitLife is murder another person, and it’s probably something a lot of players need to do whenever they want to complete a new weekly challenge. Many of them typically require a player to act, and while making the attack is the easy part, getting away with murder is usually the hardest.

How to murder someone in BitLife

When you’ve had enough of a particular person, you can go over to the activities tab on the right side of the screen. Scroll down until you see the crimes tab, and there will be an option for you to murder someone. You’ll have a few options to pick from. Typically, you can choose to kill people you know — loved ones, exes, family members — or, there’s the option for you to take out a random person you don’t know. It’s up to you.

After you’ve made your decision, you then have to pick how you want to kill them. The options vary from poisoning, scaring them to death, drive-by, pushing off a cliff, or pushing them down the stairs. There will also be options exclusive to your career, such as a professional athlete being able to kill someone with a fast ball to the head, or perhaps someone who knows martial arts can perform a special move against someone.

Once you’ve made all of your decisions, it’s time to take out that person. The action has a random chance of happening. If it succeeded, the person will pass away, and if you were able to make it look like a random event, and they were a loved one, you can attend their funeral. If you made it a bit more public, you might be arrested. You’ll definitely be arrested if the person survives the encounters.

Getting away with murder

The hardest part is to get away with the murder, especially if you’re attempting to complete it for a challenge. First, you have to make sure that you’re performing the correct form of murder, such as poisoning them or doing a drive-by. When your character gets caught, they don’t immediately go to jail, but there will a trial. If you have enough money, you can potentially have the best lawyers available defend your case, and you should be able to convince the judge that it wasn’t you. Most of the time, you won’t have enough money, and you’ll probably go to jail.

Typically, the less public and noisy the murder, the less likely you will go to jail. For players who only need to murder someone in any particular way, poison is a good route, and there might be better methods that are not too obvious. Take a look at the options and pick them carefully.

Committing murder in BitLife has a lot of random chance in it, so make sure you’re careful about how you think about doing this time. Most times, you’ll find yourself in jail. It helps to have a lot of money available to prepare for it.