How to commune with Green Glyphs in Dead by Daylight

See through the darkness.


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There are mechanics in Dead by Daylight that you likely won’t even be aware of until you encounter a Tome challenge or Daily Ritual that uses them. One of these mechanics is the Green Glyphs, which can litter a map while playing. This guide explains how to commune with them so you don’t think they’re some sinister trap from the Killer.

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How do you commune with Green Glyphs?

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To commune with Green Glyphs, you need to find them in a Trial and then interact with them. They appear as green tears in reality and emit a strange noise when you’re near them. Walk up to them and hold the interaction button to commune with them. This takes a few seconds to complete, but once the bar is full, you’ll have successfully communed with one Green Glyph.

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Green Glyphs will only appear in a Trial when you have an active Daily Ritual or Tome challenge linked to them. If you think you should be seeing them, go back to the Tome to ensure that you’ve correctly selected the challenge. The locations of all Green Glyphs are revealed for a few seconds at the end of a Trial when the gates have been opened. You can use this as a chance to head over and commune with some of them, but you’re at risk of letting Survivors escape or being caught by the Killer if you do.

Any challenges linked to Green Glyphs will allow you to commune with them over several Trials. You don’t need to commune with a set number per Trial unless specified in the challenge. We recommend only communing with Green Glyphs if you come across them and the situation feels safe. Killers like to leave traps near them to catch Survivors unaware, so keep an eye out, or you could be caught while trying to complete your Tome challenge.