How To Use Void Zones In Dead By Daylight During Haunted by Daylight

Void Zones are handy tools in Dead by Daylight’s Haunted by Daylight event, but players need to learn how to use them.


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Void Zones are a mechanic in Dead by Daylight that players can take advantage of during Haunted by Daylight events, but they’ve got to be clever.

The Void can be a dangerous place, but it’s also worth exploring for the benefits it can provide. Not only is travel safer, but Survivors and Killers can use to to lurk or hide and pounce back into a Trial without the opposition knowing what’s going on. To make these strategies work, players really need to understand the game.

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How to Use Void Zones in Dead by Daylight

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There are a few ways players can use Void Zones in Dead by Daylight during Haunted by Daylight events. The first is as a place to summon Haunts from. These entities are allies to those who summon them, but they’re best used by Survivors. They provide buffs in the form of Status Effects and can even stun the Killer.

The second way to use Void Zones is as a place to traverse the map. The Void Zones on the map and those in the Void are linked, but the Void is much smaller. A player can enter the Void, run across it, use another Void Zone to leave, and end up on the other side of the map. It’s a great way to confuse the opposition and move around the map without being seen.

Finally, Survivors can use the Void to hide from the Killer in the final moments of a Trial. If a Killer has cornered Survivors and won’t let them exit, Survivors can hop into Void Zones to move about the map freely and simply hide from the Killer while they’re being hunted. We’ve used the Void more than once to dodge what a Killer thought was a sure kill.

It goes both ways, though. Killers can follow Survivors into the Void and secure any kills or hookings they want. In fact, if Killers time their Moris right, it can lead to some of the greatest scenes in Dead by Daylight.

How to Open Void Zones in Dead by Daylight

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To open Void Zones, players must gather Void Energy from around the map in a Trial and deposit it in Void Rifts. Once enough Void Energy has been deposited, Void Zones around the map will be opened for Survivors and Killers to enter.

What is the Void in Dead by Daylight

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The Void in Dead by Daylight is an area in the game’s lore where The Entity has discarded used up Survivors it no longer wants to play with. Survivors usually have enough fight in them that they try to escape Trials and outsmart Killers. Those in the Void have long since given up.

The Haunts in the Void are the remnants of the Survivors The Entity discarded. They can’t do much, but they can stun Killers when brought briefly back into a physical Realm. They can also boost fresh Survivors who haven’t yet given up hope.