How to complete A Glowing Solstice in Destiny 2 – Solstice of Heroes 2022

Light the Solstice burn bright this summer.

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The fourth quest in Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes 2022 event is A Glowing Solstice. You receive this from Eva after completing the three before it, where you will earn Silver Leaves, Silver Ash, and Kindling to boost your seasonal armor. This guide details how to complete A Glowing Solstice quest in Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes 2022 event.

All steps for A Glowing Solstice

After completing the quests Celebrating Solstice, A Guardian in Shining Armor, and Rekindle the Spark, you will unlock A Glowing Solstice. These quests become available by speaking with Eva in the Tower’s Courtyard and completing earning Silver Leaves.

Step 1

The first step is to give any piece of Candescent armor small Kindling. To give these pieces small Kindling, it needs to be the first time you apply this item to the armor. You can receive Kindling by completing any of the Challenges in the Event Card, which you can find in your Quests tab under the Director. Once you unlock the Kindling, go to your inventory and select a Candescent armor piece to apply the upgrade. It will be on the far right side of the menu.

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Step 2

You will need to earn more Kindling similar to the previous step and apply a large Kindling to any armor piece with small Kindling already added. You will need two pieces of Kindling to make it large, which means completing two Challenges in your Event Card. After you have those Kindling, go into your inventory and apply it to any of your armor pieces with a Kindling upgrade already.

Step 3

After adding the large Kindling to this select piece of armor, the third step will have you take this a step further and fully rekindle it. You can do this by acquiring another three Kindling, which means you need to complete more Event Card challenges in the Solstice of Heroes 2022 event.

Step 4

After completing another piece of Candescent armor and rerolling it, you must start the process again. It’s time to complete another challenge in the Solstice of Heroes 2022 Event Card, grab another Kindling, and apply it to an armor piece that does not have one. This will allow you to upgrade it and give it the Glowing Embers.

Step 5

Like in Step 2, you need to apply large Kindling to the armor piece with small Kindling already in it. This will upgrade it, getting you closer to the final enhancement and the signature glow for your armor.

Step 6

Now, like Step 3, earn three more Kindling to unlock the next fully rekindled Candescent armor. You want to ensure you apply this to the piece that already has a large Kindling upgrade. This gives a glow to your armor, and you can pick from any of the stats to give your armor a powerful boost.

Step 7

You will repeat the process and work towards one more Kindling piece, applying it to the final armor piece.

Step 8

You will need to work through and earn two more Kindling resources to place a large Kindling into the final armor piece.

Step 9

Now, you must complete the rest of the challenges on the Event Card. This will reward you with the final Kindling you need to complete your Candescent armor set for the Solstice of Heroes.

Step 10

Now, return to Eva in the Tower’s Courtyard to complete the quest.