How to complete A Place for Joy in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Making people happy is hard.

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All of the residents in Disney Dreamlight Valley have their own questlines for you to follow. Doing so will reward you with various gifts and increase their Friendship Levels. Olaf is finding it hard to bring joy to some of the residents of the valley and he would like your help to make people smile. Give this snowman a hand, three buttons, and a nose. This guide will show you how to complete A Place for Joy in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

A Place for Joy walkthrough in Disney Dreamlight Valley

A Place for Joy is Olaf’s first quest that you will receive after completing his introductory quest called the Great Blizzard. With Olaf officially unlocked, raise his Friendship Level to level two to unlock this quest. Once that is done, speak with Olaf and he will tell you about the difficulties he has had with making people happy and ask you to help him out by gathering gifts for people.

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Olaf with ask you to collect the following items around the valley:

  • 3 Salmon
  • 4 Red Bromeliads
  • 4 White Passion Lilies
  • 1 Blue Passion Lily

The lilies that are needed for the quest can be found in the Frosted Heights biome. The bromeliads can be found in the Sunlit Plateau. Finally, the Salmon can be caught by fishing in both the Frosted Heights and the Sunlit Plateau. Once you have all the items, head back to Olaf and hand them over.

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Follow Olaf as he goes to Mother Gothel and watch the two of them have a conversation. Talk to Olaf afterward. Olaf will give you a bouquet to give to Scar. Run over to Scar and hand over the bouquet. Scar will obviously not care for the flowers but at least it was a good gesture. Meet Olaf on the bridge in the Sunlit Plateau, and after the conversation, a memory will appear.

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Pick up the memory and you will see that it is of Olaf telling a story. You will now need to build a stage to replace the one that is no longer in the Frosted Heights. You will need the following items:

Softwood can be found around the Plaza and the Peaceful Meadow. Iron Ingot can be made using Iron Ore found in Rock Spots. The Rope is made from Fiber which is crafted from Seaweed. Finally, you will need to talk to Minnie to get a Curtain. Once you have all the items, craft the Stage at a crafting station.

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Bring the Stage to Olaf and he will tell you to hold off on setting it up until he has some stories to tell. This will complete the quest.