How to complete Bad 47 in Hitman 3

Bricks to the head, 47, bricks to the head.


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Bad 47 is a Feat in the Holiday Hoarders mission set in a revamped version of Paris in Hitman 3. To complete it, you need to subdue one of your targets by throwing a brick at their heads three times in a single run of the mission. Several parts of this Feat are challenging, which is why we’ve put together this guide to help you complete it.

Step 1: Get the bricks

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The first thing you must do is pick up three bricks because the Feat depends on them. There’s a present in the security office that holds them, but you need to get there first. All you need to do is acquire a security disguise so that you can enter the office. You can either secure one in the party on the ground floor of the mansion or make your way down into the cellar and distract a security guard out of the office using the fuse box. See below for a map reference for the security office.

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You can dump the security guard’s body in a box just outside of the office. Once you have your disguise, go into the office and find the orange present by the desk on the opposite side of the room. You need to open it and pick up all three bricks individually.

Step 2: Subdue Marv three times

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The next step is simple because Marv will be walking around the cellar in the early part of the Holiday Hoarders mission. All you need to do is find him and throw a brick at his head. Make sure no one sees you doing this, then drag his body somewhere it will be found, or distract an NPC to get them to find it. You need to get someone to wake Marv up, then, once the security guards have stopped looking for you, do it two more times. This will complete the Bad 47 Feat, but you still need to finish the mission.

Step 3: Finishing the mission

Since you need to have Marv’s body discovered for this Feat, there’s no point in chasing a Silent Assassin rank for the Holiday Hoarders mission on this run. That frees you up to kill Marv and leave his body where it falls. We acquired a cleaver from the kitchen and killed Marv as he walked up the stairs to the ground floor.

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Killing Harry is tricky because he’ll be on the top floor of the mansion by now. However, in your current disguise, you can get to a point where he has to pass through sooner or later. Head up to the second floor until you reach the staircase that’s guarded by two bodyguards in a room with a statue. See below for a map reference for this room.

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Wait in this room until Harry comes down the stairs. He’ll distract the bodyguards so that they leave the staircase. Then, as he comes down the stairs, kill him. You can then quickly exit the mission without anyone knowing you were in the room.