How to complete Defiant Battleground: Cosmodrome activities in Destiny 2

Push back against Calus everywhere on Earth.

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The Defiant Battleground activity evolved with week 2 of Season of Defiance in Destiny 2 to shift the focus to Earth’s other front against the forces of darkness, the Cosmodrome. This guide explains how to complete Defiant Battleground: Cosmodrome activities, so you can push back against the Shadow Legion and free even more of your allies for the Queen.

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Defiant Battleground: Cosmodrome walkthrough

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You’ll find the Defiant Battleground: Cosmodrome activity in the Cosmodrome patrol zone on Earth. You’ll be able to access this for the entire year that follows the launch of Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion. Once you’ve selected it, you’ll match up with other players and drop into battle.

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The activity begins in the Cosmodrome, and all you need to do is follow the path forward while killing Cabal. It’s much shorter than the start of Defiant Battleground: EDZ, so you’ll end up at the portal you need to use the Queen’s power at to enter the Ascendant Plane very quickly.

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Once you’re in the Ascendant Plane, you’ll need to battle your way through quite a few Taken and destroy a powerful boss Taken enemy. There’s nothing more complex to this section of the activity, so you’ll be able to progress inside the Pyramid once the boss Taken is down. However, you’ll be ambushed by Shadow Legion Cabal as you enter, so be ready for a fight.

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The Shadow Legion Cabal don’t represent too much of a threat. However, you’ll need to face a powerful boss toward the end of the fight. This enemy won’t take much damage before it kicks you out into the Ascendant Plane again. Make your way back through this area, fighting the enemies you find so that you can take it on again.

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When you re-enter the Pyramid, the Fallen boss is going to be much more prepared for a fight. The one we fought was called Zatocc, Devoted to The Witness, though this could change from week to week. During this second stage of the fight, you need to kill the marked powerful Taken enemies that spawn in the arena. Then, spark the Balefire, which produces a shield that will protect you from the damage the gas in the Pyramid is causing you, before Consecrteating the Taken Essence from those marked enemies and launching it at the boss. This will break down its shield and open it up to damage once again.

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As soon as you hit the boss’ final threshold of health, you’ll be kicked out into the Ascendant Plane again. Push through the much stronger Taken presence you’ll find here until you’re back inside the Pyramid. At this point, the boss has moved up to a high point and will hammer you with gunfire so you feel like you can’t get out and use the Taken Essence you need to bring down its shield. Keep fighting hard, and eventually, you’ll remove that shield and be able to kill it.

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Once the boss is dead, you’ll free the prisoners beneath it, and a chest will appear. If you have a Defiant Key, you’ll use it automatically to claim a decent piece of gear with a high Power Level.