How to complete Dust and Ashes in No Man’s Sky Expedition 2: Beachhead/Normandy

Cover your face.


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Dust and Ashes is the fourth Milestone in the Third Phase of No Man’s Sky Expedition 2: Beachhead/Normandy. To complete it, you need to visit a desert world at any point during your journey. However, if you come to it too late, you may have to travel for a long time before coming across a desert world that will allow you to complete it. This guide explains how you can efficiently complete Dust and Ashes while following the main path of the Expedition.

Visit Lechlash Beta

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The easiest way that we found to complete Dust and Ashes is to head to a planet called Lechlash Beta. To get there, you first need to head to the first Rendezvous Point in this Expedition and complete Rendezvous 1. Then, open the galaxy map and warp to the next system along the path to the second Rendezvous Point. This system should be called Meokaw.

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Lechlash Beta is a dusty world within this system. All you need to do is land there and get out of your ship. This will complete the Milestone and allow you to claim a Supreme Life Support Upgrade, a Fossil Sample, and a Supreme Hazard Protection Upgrade from the Expedition menu.