How to complete Feast of Famine in Final Fantasy XIV

Fishing in this game is serious business.

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First introduced in Patch 2.4, Feast of Famine is part of an optional questline for Fishers at level 50 and above. The questline is known for how tedious it is, but many players will attempt it anyway due to the title it awards them: “Of Dragons Deep.” Here is our guide to completing Feast of Famine in Final Fantasy XIV.

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Where to unlock Feast of Famine in Final Fantasy XIV

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Feast of Famine is part of a series of quests from Wawalago, located in the Fishermen’s Guild at Limsa Lominsa’s Lower Decks (X: 8.1, Y: 15.2). You will have to finish the previous quest, The Beast of Brewer’s Beacon, in order to be able to view Feast of Famine. To complete the quest, you will have to catch and turn in six rare fish. They are Endoceras, Namitaro, Helicoprion, Shonisaurus, Kuno the Killer, and the Nepto Dragon. Here is what you need to catch them.

Catching Endoceras

  • Location: Isles of Umbra, Western La Noscea
  • Window (in Eorzea Time): 8 PM to 4 AM
  • Bait: Spoon Worm
  • Conditions: 399+ Gathering
  • Weather: Clear/Fair > Fog/Clouds/Wind (must transition)

Catch a Fullmoon Sardine (!) with the Spoon Worm, then Mooch it. If you have satisfied the requirements above, you may be able to land an Endoceras (!!!). Using the skill Fish Eyes will remove the time requirement, making it easier to land this huge catch.

Catching Namitaro

  • Location: Eruth’s Gift, South Shroud
  • Window (in Eorzea Time): can be caught at any time
  • Bait: Glowworm > Topwater Frog
  • Conditions: 399+ Gathering, Fisher’s Intuition from catching Giant Takitaro
  • Weather: Thunder/Thunderstorms

First, use Glowworms as bait to catch a Giant Takitaro (!!!) during the Thunder/Thunderstorms weather condition. Once Fisher’s Intuition is active, switch to casting with Topwater Frogs in order to catch Namitaro (!!!).

Catching Helicoprion

  • Location: Sagoili Desert, Southern Thanalan
  • Window (in Eorzea Time): 8 AM to 8 PM
  • Bait: Sand Leech/Sand Gecko/Rolling Stone
  • Conditions: 399+ Gathering
  • Weather: Clouds/Fog > Heatwave (must transition)

Using either the Sand Leech, Sand Gecko, or Rolling Stone baits, catch a Storm Rider (!!) and Mooch it to catch a Helicoprion. The initial Storm Rider catch has no time or weather requirements, but the Mooch does. Take note that Fish Eyes will not negate the time requirement for this fish.

Final Fantasy XIV Fishing
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Catching Shonisaurus

  • Location: Witchdrop, Coerthas Central Highlands
  • Window (in Eorzea Time): can be caught at any time
  • Bait: Hoverworm
  • Conditions: 403+ Gathering
  • Weather: Clear/Fair > Blizzard (must transition)

Start off by catching a Cloud Cutter (!!) with the Hoverworm, then Mooch it with the weather transition to catch a Mahar (!!!). Finally, Mooch the Mahar with a weather transition in order to catch a Shonisaurus (!!!). The Cloud Cutter has no weather requirements.

Catching Kuno the Killer

  • Location: The North Shards, Mor Dhona
  • Window (in Eorzea Time): 8 AM to 6 PM
  • Bait: Honey Worm
  • Conditions: 399+ Gathering, Fisher’s Intuition from catching Canavan
  • Weather: Gloom (for catching Canavan)

Activate Fisher’s Intuition by catching a Goldfish (!) with Honey Worms and Mooching it to catch a Canavan (!!!). Time and weather requirements will apply, as Fish Eyes do not negate the time requirement. While it is active, catch a Silverfish (!) or a Goldfish and Mooch for an Assassin Betta (!!), and Mooch that once more for Kuno the Killer (!!!).

Catching Nepto Dragon

  • Location: Privateer Sterncastle, Eastern La Noscea (can be reached by talking to a Ferry Skipper at Costa Del Sol)
  • Window (in Eorzea Time): can be caught at any time
  • Bait: Northern Krill
  • Conditions: 403+ Gathering, Fisher’s Intuition from catching Little Thalaos 3 times on The Rhotano Privateer (Little Thalaos caught in Costa Del Sol will not grant Fisher’s Intuition)
  • Weather: Showers/Rain

Start off by catching 3 Little Thalaos (!!) with the Northern Krill. Ensure that you are casting your line in the Privateer Sterncastle fishing hole, or you will not be able to proceed. To facilitate this, you should use Identical Cast and Double Hook to quickly reel in the required amount of fish. After catching 3 of them, you will gain Fisher’s Intuition. Cast your line again with Northern Krill, then rinse and repeat until the Nepto Dragon (!!!) has landed in your hands, refreshing Fisher’s Intuition when necessary.